Today is the day I begin this blog.

Today is the day I stuff fear in the trash.

Today is the day I find my voice, overcome objections, and make this happen.

Today is the day I proceed.

My New Years Resolution for this year was to start a blog. I finally started building and editing a site in March. Now in August, I am writing you my first post. Amazing how much a normally motivated person can drag their feet on something when they become intimidated. I have this struggle where I am not sure if my voice matters. I don’t know if things I say will change a life. I need them to be important because otherwise there is no point in writing publicly. I am happy to stay a quiet, unnoticed introvert in most situations. In some situations, I go out of my way to be unnoticed. Why bother? Attention is tiring to me… most of the time. Sometimes I peek out from the cocoon I have made and say something I think matters. Lately, I have been receiving both prophetic words and direct comments that my words belong in a public space.

Why should I fear public displays when I co-authored a book? You must wonder it. Well, there are a million differences between writing a book and writing a blog. They both take time, privacy, and thought to create. Yet one of them will be pinned, hyperlinked, shared, commented on… within a few seconds of pushing “publish” I can receive instant feedback. Feedback I often don’t want. Feedback that can be uncomfortable in ridicule or praise.

I have to suck it up. If I want to reach out and help others, teach what I have learned, and do something that could matter to others who are searching- then I must be here.

What do I plan to do here? Well, I am glad you asked. Since I have been procrastinating for months, I am not at a loss for ideas. My head has swarmed many times with posts about prayer, prophecy, dream interpretation, book reviews, movie reviews, recipes (maybe), things I am learning from scripture, a series called “Tales of an Awkward Intercessor”, discussions about music and worship, videos on dream symbols, and finding God in daily life.

If any of those topics sound interesting to you, then come along for the ride.

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