Where I was on 9/11


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On 9/11 I was in 10th grade history class and we heard the news and turned on the TV. I think people were asking questions but mostly it was quiet and shocked. Our school decided not to give us the rest of the day off saying that terrorist attacks are designed to make everything stop and we should continue life to resist that part of their plan. I thought their thinking was stupid because terrorists don’t care what a tiny private school does. Maybe they were right.

My grandparents had been staying with us and were just about to depart but flights were delayed for weeks. It became an extended stay.

I remember going home and being addicted to all the TV coverage. I felt like if I kept watching I would be honoring people and also maybe my shock and horror would go away. It didn’t and I ended up being mad at other people for not staring at the TV all the time as though they were not honoring the deaths and heroes. I had never been alive for anything so shocking.

I remember going to college and one of my professors commented she had a theory about my generation. We were so “meh” and nothing matters and she believed it was the result of the trauma of 9/11. My soul lit up when she said that theory and I really believe it was revelation from God.

To everyone who thinks my generation doesn’t care, we actually cared deeply but it hurt us and made us close up. No one taught us how to process such a momentous event. Yet God seems to be creating hearts that are on fire for justice so this terrible event has been part of the molding process to make us care about devastation and terror in other countries. Seeds were planted that are going to be harvested into justice movements.



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