Changing of the Guard


Today is Veteran’s Day and I would like to start by wishing you a happy and safe celebration. I hope you have someone in your life whom you can thank and honor.

I also wish to point out that on a national level, we have just experienced a changing of the guard. The Republican party swept the election and now holds majority for both the House and Senate. Democrats have not occupied so few seats in the house since the 1920s. As for the senate, Republican candidates won many of the open seats. Republicans swept state governorships and state senates which now means that nearly half of Americans live in states completely under Republican control.

What does this mean for us? With the legislative branch now under the majority control of one party, many people think things might actually be done. One Representative made the case in a speech that there are 352 bills passed by the house waiting for on the Senate majority leader’s desk awaiting action- with 98% of them passed with bipartisan support, 50% passed unanimously under no opposition, 70% passed with 2/3 support, and over 55 were introduced by his own democratic party.  While the article I tagged does pare down the numbers a bit, they mostly agree with her assessment. Meanwhile, at least one prominent tea party republican is promising to work against the republicans who are part of the “established system” and conducting Washington as usual while ignoring the people.  I definitely agree that it is better to block bad legislation than allow harmful bills to pass. Despite sweeping control, there may still be gridlocks within the controlling party and from the Presidential vetoes as Obama told the 2/3rds of voters who didn’t vote that “I hear you too.”

As an ordinary citizen who took the time to vote, I am flabbergasted and irate that any elected politician would claim to hear anyone who doesn’t vote. If you didn’t vote, you were silent. There is nothing to hear but crickets and apathy. Now that the election has been determined, I am concerned that most Americans will go back to sleep for the next 2 years and ignore Washington. When we choose to not participate and ignore our system, we doom it to corruption. We must pay attention and above all we must continue to PRAY. Whether you loved or hated the outcome, this fight for America is not over.

I find myself praying for a changing of the guard all over the U.S. We have to stand up and take note and be counted all over society. If you have a solution to a problem at your job, in your city, in your area of expertise, please step forward. I am counting you as part of the solution. Our government began as an idea of freedom, prosperity, equality, the right to pursue that which mattered to you. Now there are so many people who are working against ordinary citizens. I am just praying that those who have ideas in both innovation and leadership would begin to step up. If you understand politics and believe in justice and truth we need you. If economics is your passion then please help us sort out how to handle our banking and tax code systems. If you love technology then help us grow in that area. If you are passionate about medicine then give us ideas on how to distribute it well. We have so many broken systems right now and I believe we are at a tipping point. We are at a tipping point in how we do government and how we handle the private sector. The ideas of corporations matter at this time. They are shaping nearly every part of society.

Stand up and be counted every day, not just on election day. Stand up and be counted in the prayers that you are praying for our nation. We are in desperate need of good leadership. Though we have experienced a changing of the guard politically, we must now guide those individuals in prayer. God says that he directs the will of kings and he sets them up (Daniel 2:21, Proverbs 21:1) . It is the same for our politicians so whether you are happy or upset about the outcome please continue to pray as though every day were an election. I know I will. I am not finished making my voice heard in the highest court of all the land. Heaven is waiting. Bring your petitions.

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  1. John Doe says:

    I hear you too. What Obama really meant was the intent of the populous. In his mind, there remain a lot of social economic barriers that prevent certain demographics from voicing their vote. A lot more people would vote and there would be far more involvement if voting itself was reformed. The biggest issues surrounding that are one of identity and authentication. But if these technical issues could be resolved and we support that with legislative changes that allowed easier voting, then imagine how many more people would vote if it was as simple as pressing a button in an app on a smartphone.

    Governments do not exist in a false vacuum and freedom is never for its own inherent sake. Freedom from what? Or rather, freedom to do what exactly? Pursuit of happiness? Just what is happiness? Government’s role in any of the aforementioned should be to provide the basic and necessary underlying infrastructure to help facilitate the existence of a productive and healthy society and then to get out of the way of the individual. Happiness is different things to different people, but I feel that there are very few instances where happiness and contentment and satisfaction in life can be regulated, legislated or delineated by the government.

    The more the things change the more they stay the same. The only way out of the vicious cycle of the rat wheel is to remove oneself from the illusion of hoping for the change of guard. There is no guard. Both parties are albeit two sides of the one same coin, false dichotomies. The illusion of change is the greatest lie and democracy, like freedom is but an elaborate house of cards, a smoke and mirrors sleight of hand. It is far more effective to change one’s own focus, viewpoints and perspectives on life rather than to try to exert a tiny force on the mountainous uncaring and unknowing system. Instead of withering away life concentrating on all the real and yet never-ending issues that need to be fixed, shift focus to imagining, creating and constructing the emotional essences and experiential tapestries of life and carving out the niches and weaving the fragrant fabric and stories of the greatest moments of being alive. Happiness is an intimate, individual and personal pursuit; it is not a journey or path that involves politics or government. Pray for changing your own heart, not some abstract meaningless guard.

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