About Author

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My name is Catherine and I live in Texas with my adorable Brussels Griffon dog, Winnie. I studied English at Concordia University Chicago. I currently work in broadcasting.

I am the co-author of a book called “Dreams: A Window Into Your Destiny” with Amy Coello which can be found as an e-book at amycoello.com. I have also written an unpublished book on prayer called “With Cranberry Prayers.”

I want to help people find God in daily life and connect with him through prayer. Most people find prayer intimidating but I write to remove the fear and make God accessible. I have found that prayer is a vehicle to create a close relationship with God. Sometimes listening in prayer is the first step to a rich closeness you never expected to find in him.

This website addresses spiritual topics like prayer, prophecy, dream interpretation, and it gives perspectives on what these things look like in book and movie reviews. Winnie makes appearances and there may be some recipes along the way. Thanks for stopping by!